A Few Things that Make Scripture Memory Fun



Memorizing scriptures is fundamental to our children’s spiritual formation. It strengthens their prayer life and enables them to pray God’s Word. It also grows their personal relationship as they get to know the heart of God.

I’d been sporadic at best when it comes to this spiritual discipline. But then, when my kids were little, my four-year-old came home from Vacation Bible School able to recite some of my favorite verses. I knew it was time to intentionally make it a part of our lives. So, I created a list of scriptures I wanted us to learn and printed them onto cards.

Over the years I have found a few things that make Scripture memory fun and easy. Join me over at Circle of Faith where I am sharing them today.


I am excited to announce that starting today, my “Read It Pray It” scripture memory and prayer cards are available in my Etsy shop.

The cards I have featured on my site are still free to download, however, If you prefer the convenience of receiving these cards professionally printed, trimmed, and delivered to your mailbox, you can purchase them. Not only that, new cards are available as monthly subscription, in digital or printed format, as well. More details to follow.


Activities That Make Any Road Trip Better


Summer time is road trip time. Growing up, I logged many hours in the back of the family car traveling to visit relatives. Before there was the Nintendo 3DS or the iPad, my brother and I had to find ways to entertain ourselves while confined to tight quarters. We read books, listened to our Walkmans, and slept a lot. My parents were constantly answering the question, “Are we there yet?” If you follow me on Instagram you know I am still taking road trips, only now it’s with my husband and … [Continue Reading...]

Identity Crisis…

Scenes from Instagram

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What I’ve Been Reading…


With all the talk of STORY, it’s no coincidence that my personal reading has gravitated to biographies, memoirs, and the like. Some I have already mentioned here on the site such as You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G. and Case for Grace for Kids.  And others I haven't. Join me at over at Circles of Faith as I kick of First Friday Book Faves* and share what I've been reading lately. While you are there, don't forget to Enter to Win a copy of Unholy Matrimony: My Journey … [Continue Reading...]

Exploring Nature and Encouraging Kids’ Curiosity

exploring nature

Kids ask a ton of questions, some I have the answers to and some I don't. My favorite questions however, are the ones we find the answers to together. Often times those come when we are out exploring nature, in a park, or at a zoo. Today I am over at Faith Gateway talking about So Many Questions! Encouraging Kids’ Curiosity. Join me there for tips on exploring what God has created and encouraging your child’s curiosity on your next outdoor adventure together. … [Continue Reading...]

Sharing My Story…Finding Light in the Darkness


Over the last month and half  at Circles of Faith, we've been sharing personal stories, God moments, and turning points in faith from our contributors. It happened partially as a result of the feedback we received from our first live event. We decided that, just for a bit, we'd threw out the script of FAITH, LIFE, and COMMUNITY to focus exclusively on STORY. We've been talking about how important stories are so much behind the scenes, that it seemed like a natural thing to write about at Faith … [Continue Reading...]

Why Story Matters

Why Story Matters

It's one thing to learn theology, it's another thing to hear how people experience the love, grace, mercy, and provision of God in their day to day life. Listening or reading other people's stories builds our faith. Telling our story builds the faith of others. In fact, it turns answered prayer into praise. I was reminded of that recently when I read Case for Grace for Kids  and The Case for Grace Student Edition: A Journalist Explores the Evidence of Transformed Lives by Lee Strobel. Both … [Continue Reading...]