7 Back-to-School Scriptures You Can Count On



My greatest desire is that my daughter be equipped for what lies ahead of her this September as she heads into middle school. Over the next few months the scriptures I choose for us to memorize will include those that are specific to the situations she may encounter. Head over to Faith Gateway to read the 7 Scriptures that I will be sharing with my kids to help them find confidence in the Lord, especially back-to-school situations in Back-to-School Scriptures You Can Count On.


Encouraging Yourself With God’s Word plus a Giveaway


A while back at the Allume blogging conference, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of women who were committed to following their God-sized dreams. They were brought together by an online book launch through Holley Gerth’s blog. After their limited-time commitment to help get You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream off the ground was over, many of them stayed connected and launched a community blog called God-sized Dreams. There, women gather to encourage one another to walk out the dreams that God … [Continue Reading...]

Access to God’s Word – No Wi-Fi Required


I absolutely love technology however, I have recently realized that I rely on it a little too much. There isn't much I commit to memory anymore because with the swipe of a finger I can access almost any information that I need. This ability has it's advantages except when you lose power like I did after Hurricane Sandy.  I am so honored to be over at Jennifer J. Camp's blog where I am sharing why, just like our loved one's phone numbers, it is crucial to commit the Word of God to memory. Join … [Continue Reading...]

Scripture Memory and the Change it Brings PLUS a Giveaway.


As a mom of little ones I found myself frustrated and exhausted. For the most part my kids were good, but they were young. They would bicker or disobey just because they wanted to. Counting to three, repeating myself over and over again certainly didn't work. It didn’t take long to realize the need for God’s wisdom in this area. I read a handful of parenting books but ultimately turned to the Bible to find out what it said about how he wants us to behave so I could teach it to my kids. At … [Continue Reading...]

Why Scripture Memory Is Fundamental To Our Children’s Spiritual Formation Plus a Giveaway


When my kids were little I discovered they had the ability to memorize Bibles verses. I was thrilled. It was that summer that they came home from vacation Bible school that our journey with scripture memory began. Over the years I have discovered a few reasons why scripture memory is fundamental to our children’s spiritual formation. I am over at friend, and Circles of Faith contributor, Kristin Hill Taylor's blog talking about a few of them. I would love for you to stop by!  And while you … [Continue Reading...]

3 Ways to Use the Read It Pray It Cards


I am thrilled to be guest posting over at my friend Kristin's blog today. We have a handful of mutual friends and it was great to finally meet her at the Allume blogging conference the past October. She blogs at The Riches of His Love and can also be found at God-Sized Dreams. It’s been so amazing to see the spiritual growth of my children over the years and it is all because the Word of God has been planted in their heart through scripture memorization and prayer. The Read It Pray It cards … [Continue Reading...]

Memory Verse List 2014-2015 and Some Big News

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In 2013 I made a list of memory verses for my kids. I intentionally chose areas that I though my children could grow in, such as self control, sharing, and being thankful. To help them along, I created Scripture Memory and Prayer Cards. On the front of the card it says “Read It”. That’s where the memory verse is printed. On the back of the card it say “Pray It”. There I turned the verse into a prayer. >>You will find them FREE to download throughout my site, however when you … [Continue Reading...]